Spa Cover Cloth Your Benefit The value of the spa and looks is determined by the condition of the cover by 80%, having the spa cover exposed to de sun will significantly deteriorate the vinyl, spa cover cloth it's an excellent way, not only to save hundreds of dollars, but also to keep the spa cover in a good shape protected from the sun exposure, spa cover cloth it's a cost efficient product. ...
Description: Large, 10" grill + cooker + steamer Deep, large capacity 3-quart pot Produces great grilled flavor in any weather Raised grill surface allows fat to drip away as food cooks Great for grilling, slow cooking, steaming, simmering and serving Easy-to-clean, dishwasher safe nonelectric parts Condition: Like new. Used it only five times. 2 for Hotpot and three for Korean BBQ. Pick up on ...
Moving out sale - Selling four garden plants (with pots) and four empty planters $5 each for small plants/pots $15 for large OR $40 all
Rarely used George Foreman Grill (probably used ten times total). Works great. I'm just moving to a smaller apartment and don't have space for everything anymore.
Tons of forks, six knives, 2 small spoons, and the cutlery tray. $5 OBO. Pick up in EV.
Exactly as shown here in burgundy. 2 panels. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001AF7WPU/ref=oh_details_o02_s00_i00 Only 4 mons use, in perfect condition, I don't smoke and no pets. Selling as I changed the decor in my bedroom and these curtains don't match. I really enjoyed the curtains and found that I slept much better! $35.
Living in an area as dry as California, this humidifier has been a lifesaver to me. It helps keep skin healthier, throat, nose and sinuses hydrated, breathe better and sleep more comfortably at night, protect wood furniture, and plus reduce survival of flu viruses and cool the place down a bit in summer when it s the driest. It has three speed settings and can run 1 whole day for a living room....
All for $50!!! Im in studio 1.
Moving to Michigan soon and need to sell all of our furniture!! TELEVISION and remote control $10 obo Microwave $10 obo Floor Lamp $15 obo Desk Lamp $15 obo Plastic Laundry Hamper with Lid $5 obo Other furniture items for sale! Please see other "Michigan Bound" posts for info
Need to sell all these by Friday 3/25 at the latest. All items in excellent working condition, unless otherwise noted. Please message if interested; I will consider best offers. - Burgundy/Brown Leather Chair, $80 (originally bought for $160, similar to this chairhttp://www.officemax.com/office-furniture/chairs/product-ARS25990?history=umvw4qnz%7CcategoryId~10001%5EcategoryName~office-furniture...
have you have anything to offer of these, please write to me
STAY COOL THIS SUMMER! I have a GE AGQ06LJG1 (try saying that ten times fast) in-window ac that has served me and my computer-filled room well for the last year. It installs like any other a/c; a vertical-sliding window and 2 screws are all that is needed to make this work. And boy, does it work! It'll take your typical 150sq.ft. dorm room from scorching to 70F in about seven to 10 minutes, and...
A small a-c $20
For sale, everything obo (negotiable/or best offer): 1) New in Packaging Carousel Style Photo Frame 8x16 (can hold up to 3 4x6 images): $12 2) Large Framed Poster (Donna McGinnis print of rolling hills, 3ftx2.five feet): $15 3) New IKEA Framed Poster of New York Scenes (2x1.5ft): $10 4) Plastic Trash Can large kitchen-sized: $5 5) Large ten gallon flower pot, blue ceramic (perfect for a palm tr...
Hi, I am moving in two weeks and would like to sell a bunch of my kitchen supplies. I have a set of pots and pans, plates, bowls, a pyrex casserole dish and other kitchen items for sale. Please see http://www.stanford.edu/~spletter/movingsaleframeset2.html for photos and prices.
As I am moving back to Europe I am selling my airconditioner (AIR CONDITIONED). You can find a picture of it below (click it to get a larger view). It has served me very well, and is perfect for the warm California summers. The AIR CONDITIONED can be fitted in your window (which is how I used it). It comes with a remote. I am asking $60 (OBO).
Used a few times. For exact model, see: http://www.amazon.com/Salton-Maxim-George-Foreman-Champ/dp/B001PPCVP6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=home-garden&qid=126254XXXX&sr=1-1
Good condition, huge reservoir. asking for $15
Size: 20' by 36' (51cm by 91cm). Cover: 100% cotton with inner liner of polyester batting. Filling: Waterfowl feathers. Got them for about $18 each, only used 1 of them a few days with pillow case --- they are very clean! Reason of selling: moving soon.
I'm selling the Ionic Pro Air Purifier. You can find information and images here:http://www.ionicproturbo.com/howitworks.html I have only used this purifier for one day. I moved house right after I bought it, and put it back in its original box for the move. It went into a closet and I have never taken it out since, I guess I just never needed it. I bought it at Walmart for a little over $140: ...
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